8 Common Characteristics Of Successful Agents: Success Leaves Clues

8 Common Characteristics Of Successful Agents: Success Leaves Clues

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When something struck me last week at BluePrint, I was standing on stage and surveying the audience, which included dozens of my clients and hundreds of the greatest real estate producers. Because I stake my life on it, I clearly already knew it, but it was one of those times when you can physically feel the reality of something.
Success comes naturally.
It doesn't imply you don't work hard or that you're being insulted; it just means there's a formula. Although they are all entirely different and I have spent my career mentoring hundreds of the best-producing real estate agents worldwide, they all have eight traits in common.
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1. They’re Uber Competitive And Possess A Growth Mindset

Desire is "the beginning point of all achievement," according to Napoleon Hill. There will always be someone who wants something more than you, so if you don't truly, really want to be the top producer in your market, you won't be.
However, motivation alone is insufficient. Always keep an eye on your attitude and take steps to keep it in good shape. Make sure you meditate, exercise, get adequate sleep, and ask the 5 Most Important Questions to yourself each and every day.


2. Every 18 months, They Add A New System

This is directly related to your mindset. In ten years, where do you see yourself? What would you need to do to get there if you were to divide that up into 18-month chunks?
All Maxine and Marti Gellens did to have one of their best years ever in 2021 ($6,600,000 GCI) was increase their social media and email. Maxine and Marti have been my personal clients for 23 years. They had enough revenue coming in from direct mail already, but by taking those extra steps, they were able to expand.
What does that mean for you? The second round of video? Recruit new agents or a helper? launch a supplementary service?


3. They Have Market Knowledge

Don't let the straightforward title deceive you. Yes, I do want you to register with Keeping Current Matters, follow HousingWire, Inman, and any other real estate news source you choose. I do want you to watch every one of our programs and never miss This Week in Housing. You need to incorporate reading this material each day into your morning routine.
But I also want you to add some originality and analysis to it. Look for connections between what is occurring right now and what has previously occurred. To overcome objections, find ways to communicate this to your clientele.
Beyond this, I want you to have a tale to tell about every single house you've sold. You already have market-wide stories; now go back to the local level. Tell your prospective clients about the people you have assisted, be familiar with every family that has entered and left a property, and demonstrate that every listing has a human face.


4. They Do Excellent Marketing

Help with marketing is one of the most frequent issues our clients bring up with their coaches because it's not always simple to know what to do. Everywhere is where you want to put yourself, barring all the locations you don't want to be.

Think about it:

  • Do I publish videos every day?
  • For each open house, how many signs am I putting out?
  • How many emails a week do I send, and what kind of content do they contain?
  • What could I be achieving more of?

Don't forget to follow This Week in Marketing as well.


5. They Exchange Time For Money

I am aware that it can be unsettling to begin employing others when it feels as though you can hardly afford to pay yourself. However, the only way to develop is to open oneself up to your HABU (Highest and Best Use).
You'll always have a full schedule. The inquiries are:

  • Could I hire someone to handle this so I can concentrate on what matters most?
  • Would employing someone with a different set of skills than mine help my business grow?

If you're bad at marketing, don't waste time; employ someone who is. Hire a transaction coordinator if you're spending too much time on paperwork when you should be attending listing appointments.


6. They Have A Coach

I won't push the issue too much here, but it has to be included because it is a fact. In any industry, the best performers will admit to having a coach. Being at that level and committed to your advancement is not a sign that you need help; rather, it is a testament to your excellence.


7. They Place Their Calls 

There is nothing you can do to substitute for hard work when it comes to success. If selling real estate were simple, all but 10% of agents would be making millions of dollars each year while 50% of them would not be struggling to make ends meet.
By door-knocking in Bel Air, James Harris went from being the new guy in LA to starring on Million Dollar Listing. He says that he achieved success by getting his hands dirty and making difficult judgments even when he didn't want to.


8. They Pick Their Hard 

I am aware that... Cold calling is challenging. Making videos is difficult. It's challenging to find the perfect hire.
Do you know what else is challenging? being indigent
Since you can only select between the two, you have a choice. Although this method is fairly straightforward and easy to understand, it is not simple. You have the option of battling or leaning in.
I strongly advise everyone who is prepared to commit to making this change for the better to attend our upcoming Success Summit in Dallas, which will take place from August 23 to 25. Not only from me and some of our other outstanding presenters (like the legendary Phil Jones! ), but also from hundreds of other agents just like you, you'll learn precisely how to perform all eight of these things at the greatest level.
I hope I get to meet you there because it's going to be a lot of fun.

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