7 Ways Smart Agents Are Getting Ready For Their Best Year Ever In 2022

7 Ways Smart Agents Are Getting Ready For Their Best Year Ever In 2022

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I'm going to be honest...

You're losing ground to the competition if you're not doing the seven things I describe in this blog.

Because I've just spoken with a number of top-producing agents, team leaders, and CEOs, and they're all preparing up to take advantage of the massive opportunities that 2022 will almost certainly offer.

The good news is that it's not too late to catch up.

So I put together this list of seven things you can do right now to make 2022 your finest year ever!

Ready? Let's go!


Activity No. 1: Business Planning And Budgeting

Let's start with one that should be obvious...

We're in the thick of business planning and budgeting season right now, in early November.

Because this business takes time to get to that end result, it's critical that you set your plan in place today... Things you're doing now are more likely to have an influence on your bottom line in Q1 2022 than they are now.

So, if you haven't begun writing your 2022 business plan yet, or if you're not sure if the one you've already written will get you the outcomes you want, I have some excellent news for you. Next week, you should absolutely attend my BluePrint virtual event, where we'll spend a lot of time working on your business plan (and a whole lot more).


Activity No. 2: Determine Your Lead Acquisition Strategy For 2022

Knowing where your business will come from is usually a good idea.

The next big concern on everyone's mind right now is how do we create leads that aren't tied to a referral fee?

Why should you have to give away 25-42% of your hard-earned commission checks when you don't have to?

So now is the time to plan how you'll earn revenue in 2022, as well as how you'll boost your conversion rate. What did well in 2021 that you can build on in 2022? What didn't work in 2021 and should be abandoned? What new paths will you take?

To assist you in making your decision, I'll share the top 10 listing sources used by our coaching members, which I shared at Success Summit last month:


  1. Database
  2. Agriculture by location
  3. Directly from video/content viewing
  4. Page of Google My Business
  5. Public Open Houses
  6. Expired
  7. Ads for Google Local Services
  8. Reading Zillow or Google reviews directly
  9. Dialing in a circle around recent sales
  10. Just Sold cards/Yikes campaign


Activity No. 3: Communicate Your Vision

I've been a big proponent of teams for a long time, so please accept my apologies if you insist on flying solo. You may probably skip to the next one if that's the case. Alternatively, you can see how much more you can get done if you delegate duties and start focusing on your HaBu (highest and best use of your time).

The end of the year is an excellent opportunity to take a step back and ensure that your company, team, or organization has a compelling vision for the future.

People can make money almost everywhere nowadays. What people truly desire is to be a part of something bigger, which is where your vision comes in.

Do you have perfect vision? Are you demonstrating it through your actions? Would the rest of your team agree with your response to the last question? Do you share your vision with others so that they know who you are and what they're losing out on?

Recruiting the proper talent does not have to be as difficult as it may appear. You'll attract like-minded folks to your company if you get your vision and culture down pat and convey it properly. Now is the moment to make it happen.


Activity No. 4: Operationalizing And Hiring For Growth

There's a lot of room for expansion on the horizon, but you'll need the right processes and people to take advantage of it.

  • Do you have the salespeople you'll need in 2022 to meet your lofty objectives?
  • Do you have the marketing assistance you require?
  • Are your operations well-defined and going smoothly?

If you didn't respond yes to any of those questions, now is the time to act.


Activity No. 5: Hone Your Personal Branding

Over the last year or so, you may have heard me talk about the consumer's "flight to quality."

The modern consumer will not accept any real estate salesperson. Need proof? The top 25% of agents control 73 percent of the industry, while the top 50% control a stunning 91 percent!

People have spoken, and they want a hyperlocal expert with a proven track record of sales and involvement in the neighborhood.

This is where your individual (or team) brand comes into play.

A generic page on your company's website provides little to set you apart from your competitors. What are you doing to make yourself stand out? How many videos do you make each week? How are you establishing yourself as the hyperlocal expert in front of your community?

Find the answers to those questions to boost your personal brand's impact.


Activity No. 6: Obtain Extreme Clarity

You may recall keynote speaker Seth Godin talking about finding your smallest viable audience if you were with us at Success Summit.

You must get complete clarity on... to achieve that level of specificity.


  • Who are you?
  • What you're up to
  • Where you're going
  • Who and what are you constructing for?


Can you give exact answers to all of those questions? Or are you still striving to be everything to everyone and, as a result, barely getting noticed?


Activity No. 7: Increase Content Creation

Simply put, we live in a content-driven world where no one produces enough material.

But the greatest in the industry are doing something about it.

They recognize that we live in a "video-first" environment and are staffing up to take advantage of it.


Are You?

Is there a videographer on staff? A social media coordinator, perhaps? Do you have any video editing software? Have you ever made your own show?

Remember that these positions do not have to be full-time. They could be independent contractors who you only pay when you have work for them. But develop those connections immediately, since the sooner you go all-in on video, the faster you'll become the hyperlocal expert in your industry.

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