7 Reasons Why Real Estate Chatbots Should Be Invested In

7 Reasons Why Real Estate Chatbots Should Be Invested In

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You've most likely already used a chatbot template in the wild. When people contact customer care these days, they almost always use an intelligent chat program — at least at first. Real estate chatbots are currently available on every major real estate company's website.

People may engage with and acquire information from a real estate professional even when they aren't online thanks to real estate chatbots. Let's take a look at some of the most compelling reasons why you should have a chatbot on your website, social network pages, and landing pages.


  1. Real Estate Chatbots Provide You With Valuable Leads That You Wouldn't Have Gotten Otherwise

Let's imagine someone comes to your website and enjoys it. They can't call you since it's 6:00 p.m. and you're out of the office. Maybe they'll just forget about it until they come across a real estate agent and decide to work with them later.

Real estate chatbots are the answer.

While buying real estate isn't always a spur-of-the-moment choice, working with a particular Realtor might be. When you're not available, a real estate chatbot can fill in the gaps.

Real estate chatbots are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. People will think they can always live chat with you if you have a real estate chatbot on your website (or on your Facebook page, such as a Facebook auto-responder).

Rather than leaving your site, customers would engage in a live chat with you and provide you with basic information about their requirements. You'd then be able to contact them again later. A live chat enhances your lead creation significantly; it's like having a personal assistant available at all times.

  1. A Real Estate Chatbot Can Help You Generate Leads

Every month, a modern real estate agent may have to sift through thousands of web leads. Gone are the days when you'd get 12 in-person references and two positions; today you'll have to sort through 1,200 online referrals for those two jobs. A real estate chatbot, on the other hand, can assist in generating leads.

When programming your AI chatbot, you can ask it questions like: When is the user looking to buy something? Have they already gone through the prequalification process? Is there anything specific they're looking for? Your real estate or WhatsApp chatbot will pre-score leads for you so you can figure out who is the most serious.

It not only saves you time, but it also allows you to provide better client service, which is crucial in the modern real estate sector. Once you've established a relationship with your consumers, you'll be able to send them only the listings they require.

  1. Chatbots Can Be Linked To A CRM System

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is required for today's agents. CRM software keeps track of who you've spoken with and how you've interacted with them. It's vital that your AI chatbot be integrated with your CRM solution.

Touchpoints are vital in internet sales, especially the real estate industry. A potential client is more inclined to work with you if you have more encounters with them.

Once website visitors have interacted with your real estate bot, they will likely have left their email address, name, and some other basic information. You may then send them an email to greet them, urge them to connect with your social media, and continue to build a relationship with them.

  1. Customers Can Be Connected To A Live Agent Via An AI Chatbot

When an AI chatbot determines that a customer is ready to commit to a transaction, it can send messages to the Realtor. The chatbot can forward potential consumers as long as the Realtor is available (a real estate broker can define their own hours).

Another layer of connectedness is possible: a live human agent. If a real estate agent is overworked, an intelligent chatbot can route consumer inquiries to a human person who has been taught to ask the appropriate questions. After the human representative has answered basic qualifying questions and delivered a favorable client experience, the live chat can be passed on to a real estate agent.

Escalation occurs when a real estate chatbot communicates with a live agent. Escalation can even be tailored to meet the needs of the customer. For example, depending on the client's location, the real estate chatbot can direct the client to a different agent.

  1. Real Estate Chatbots Can Help You Schedule Appointments

Real estate chatbots can be linked into your website's other features (or social media, like Facebook). As a result, they can help you with things like scheduling appointments. To avoid overbooking, your chatbot can be linked directly to your calendar, and you can choose when you want to be booked.

It's considerably easier to secure leads when you can arrange an appointment right away online. A "so-so" lead can be converted into a confirmed appointment, making it easy to follow up with them. You won't have to keep as tight track of your own appointments, so the real estate chatbot will act as a virtual assistant.

For a real estate company, especially one that generates leads online, time management is crucial. The more services that can be automated, the less time the real estate business will waste on administrative tasks – and the more cash it will generate.

  1. Gather And Analyze Data Important Details About Your Market

Take into account the following: In your local market, you have a website. You received 1,000 queries through your website and Facebook last quarter. You've been given 2,500 this quarter.

It's likely that your marketing campaigns are far more effective. However, it's possible that your local market is thriving.

More information about the people trying to buy and sell in your local market will be available through your live chat. You'll be able to see where buyers and sellers are, what they're looking for, and when they're ready to commit once you have the qualifying information.

This type of research might put you ahead of the pack when it comes to determining market temperature and wants. You can add more metrics as you fine-tune your discussion, such as asking potential clients what their budget is or how much money they make. This will assist you in targeting key populations.

Your chat can also signal what is coming up in the market, since people normally start seeking to purchase and sell far before they actually commit. When you witness a slowdown in the market now, you might expect a revenue slowdown in the future.

  1. Make Your Younger, Tech-Savvy Clients Feel More At Home

The truth is that the majority of younger clients despise talking on the phone. They despise sending emails. They are at ease using live chat.

The real estate market will get younger over time. The people who buy and sell real estate will become younger. Millennials are in the process of purchasing their first home or selling their second.

Many clients prefer not to speak with you on the phone. Instant messenger is a low-pressure way to connect and communicate. It's a system that's always on and available for them to utilize whenever they choose. They can send a message whenever it is convenient for them, and they aren't required to respond until they choose to.

People are increasingly communicating through messaging systems, which realtors will discover. A real estate organization that is unable to adapt its communication tactics will lag behind more tech-savvy parts of the industry.


Real Estate Chatbots: Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Necessary To Know How To Program In Order To Use A Chatbot?

A real estate chatbot template is available for download. There are both free and paid chat app platforms available; the pricier platforms typically include more functionality. In any case, you don't need to know how to code to create a messenger bot.

The majority of them will include a chatbot builder or a mechanism to "write" the chatbot without having to develop it. Many even feature a machine learning or artificial intelligence program that can "learn" what customers desire over time.

A number of bot building plug-ins are available for WordPress, which may be integrated into a landing page or blog.


Is It Possible To Employ A Chatbot On Social Media?

Many real estate agents report that Facebook generates more leads than their websites. On Facebook, you may utilize a messaging chatbot to pre-score leads. There's even a built-in solution on Facebook. When people contact you via your business page, it has the ability to respond.

You can customize a Facebook Messenger chatbot for your business by downloading it. This will also help you improve your "always responds within" metric.

There are some limitations to what you can do with Facebook without violating their Terms of Service; if you don't want to break the Terms of Service, you should utilize the official Facebook bots given by Facebook themselves.


Does It Feel Like You're Conversing With A Human When You Use Real Estate Chatbots?

Modern chatbots are so powerful that they can make a conversation feel quite human-like. Most chatbots announce that they are an AI solution early in the conversation in order to generate leads. This reduces the likelihood of a human feeling "tricked" or "confused."

The goal of the chat isn't to fool people into thinking they're talking to a real person, but to ensure that the discussion is genuine - that individuals can ask the bot questions without being misunderstood.


How Much Information May A Buyer Or Seller Give A Real Estate Chatbot?

A chatbot can gather a lot of relevant data. For a buyer, it can gather information such as if they have a specific house in mind, whether they are prequalified or authorized, and the price range and area they are interested in. The real estate marketing bot can obtain the property address, the seller's optimum selling point, and the date on which they intend to sell for a seller.

You can configure your chatbot platform to collect as much or as little information from visitors as you desire. The data can then be analyzed in order to connect with the best potential leads first.


Are There Any Drawbacks To Utilizing Real Estate Chatbots?

A chatbot that isn't properly programmed can be more frustrating to a visitor than useful. You can avoid this by always allowing visitors to send an email straight to you. You should test the functionality of your chatbot with a variety of people, including those who are unfamiliar with the technology.

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