7 Proven Ways To Write A Bio For A Real Estate Agent (Examples)

7 Proven Ways To Write A Bio For A Real Estate Agent (Examples)

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Do you want to learn how to write a killer real estate agent bio for your website? A potential client's bio is one of the first things they'll read about you, and it can often determine whether or not they choose to work with you.


How To Write A Bio For A Real Estate Agent

To write an excellent bio, you don't need to be a great writer. You can get your bio written by a professional. This can save you time while ensuring a high-quality outcome. On sites like UpWork or Fiver, you can always hire freelancers and virtual assistants for real estate agents.

You can also discover real estate bio templates online and fill them in with your details. These templates are tried-and-true ways to structure your bio for the best results.

Before you start writing your real estate agent bio, think about what you want to say.

If you're going to write your own real estate agent biography, there are a few guidelines you should follow to ensure you're creating the greatest bio possible.

To begin, make your Realtor bio as brief as possible, ideally no more than 300 words. The longer your bio is, the more likely it is that potential buyers will not scroll down to read it all. As a result, you'll need to make sure you just provide the most important details and leave out any unnecessary material.


Selecting The Appropriate Headshot

Along with your bio, you should provide a professionally taken real estate headshot. The image you choose to use will reveal a lot about you. It depends on who you're trying to reach and how you want to appear to them what you want it to convey.

A more serious headshot, for example, in which you remain still with your arms crossed, will make you appear more professional. Details like your posture and facial expression can emanate power and demonstrate knowledge.

A more casual headshot, on the other hand, can show how approachable you are. It might reflect your willingness to communicate and your want to assist others.

Instead of a standard headshot, utilize a photo showing you connecting with your community in some way to make yourself stand out even more. These kinds of images can reveal a lot about your personality and who you are outside of your role as a real estate agent. Demonstrating that you are active outside or with others will assist you persuade potential clients to work with you.


Select Your Tone

Another thing to think about before writing your bio is whether you want to write it in first or third person. There's no rule that says one is better than the other. Instead, it is up to you to decide what style you prefer. Consider the tone you want to communicate as well as how your target audience will react.

As though you're speaking directly to the protagonist, using first-person creates a more informal, personable tone. Third-person, on the other hand, is more official and professional. Because third-person writing is more popular, using first-person might help you stand out and appear more assured.


Creating A Bio For Your Real Estate Agent

So, what should your real estate agent bio include? Your bio is where you introduce yourself to the lead, not where you advertise your services.

To that aim, you should concentrate on yourself, your background, experience, what prompted you to work in real estate, and a few personal details, such as what you enjoy doing when you're not working in real estate.


Adding Value

Most essential, your bio should emphasize the value you bring to your leads. Share the various methods you can assist your client in meeting their needs. Make an effort to communicate what you can offer them that other real estate brokers cannot.

Look for ways to set yourself apart from the competitors. Instead of making broad remarks like "you give excellent customer service," mention something more particular, such as "you always listen to your clients and are dedicated to assisting them in achieving their goals."


Your Backstory

Your history and professional expertise in real estate are just as important as the value you deliver. If you've had a lengthy and successful career in real estate, make sure to indicate how long you've worked there. Clients are more likely to hire you if you've been in the field for a long time and have a lot of real estate experience.

In addition, if you've received any awards, honors, or rewards, or if you have any sales figures concerning your industry success, include these in your profile to help you stand out from the crowd.

Also, make a note of any specific distinctions or certificates you hold. This will serve as social verification of your accomplishments. People will be more confident in their decision to work with you if they see that you are in the top 1% of agents in your brokerage.


If You're A New Agent, Here's What You Should Include

Don't be concerned if you're a rookie real estate agent with no professional experience or name recognition. You can still establish social proof by mentioning your former work experience and the path that led you to real estate.

You might talk about your past education and jobs before getting into real estate. Share what you've learned or acquired from these encounters, particularly any character attributes that you believe have helped you succeed as a real estate salesperson.

If you've previously worked in customer service, you can say that it taught you how to listen, work hard, and appreciate assisting others in achieving their objectives.

If you're a native of your local market, that will also assist you gain credibility with your leads. Include how long you've lived in the neighborhood, particularly if you were born and raised there. This gives your leads confidence that you'll be able to show them around your market's communities and zip codes.


Give Some Personal Information

Finally, provide some personal information to give the possible customer an insight into your personal life and to demonstrate who you are outside of real estate. Your real estate bio should make you more relatable to the lead and give them a better idea of who you are as a person.

Outside of real estate, tell us about your hobbies and interests. You can also mention your family briefly because demonstrating that you care about your family might help you appear more relatable to possible leads.


Make sure to include your social media and other relevant links at the end of your bio so that your clients may learn more about you.


  1. Brendan Bartic, CEO of the Bartic Group, Keller Williams Realty

Bartic's real estate agent bio is an excellent example of how to keep your bio short while yet covering all of the most important details that your leads require. The bio has a more personal feel and a strong tone because it is written in first-person. His headshot is polished, approachable, and appealing. First and foremost, Bartic's professional bio states that he is a Colorado native, demonstrating his familiarity with and expertise of the local market.

He also gives information on his brokerage's ranking and other pertinent facts. Finally, he discusses his former work experience and how he applies it to real estate. He also mentions that when he's not working in real estate, he enjoys volunteering in his community. This demonstrates to the leader that he is very active in the community.


  1. Sereno Group, Palo Alto's Leslie Woods

Leslie Woods' bio includes a photograph of her sitting in a cafe, gazing off into the distance. This more casual headshot conveys the impression that Woods is personable and enjoys being out in her neighborhood.

Woods' bio begins by detailing how she adds value to her clients by listening and negotiating effectively. She then goes on to detail growing up in the neighborhood and all the things she enjoys about it, as well as stating that she is a current resident. Her bio then goes into detail about her background and successful profession before to real estate, as well as her path into the sector. All of these factors combine to make Woods look to be an expert in her field.


  1. The Inman Company, Shane D. Inman

While Shane Inman's bio is on the long side, there isn't a single sentence of filler. Inman has a long history and many years of experience in the industry as president of The Inman Company. The bio emphasizes Inman's notoriety and A-list clientele, which serves as social evidence. It then goes on to discuss Inman's two decades of expertise working with well-known real estate brands, which serves as more social evidence. He then briefly discusses his past, including how he got started in his job, his previous education, and how he likes to give back to his community. Bringing up his various volunteer efforts shows potential leads that he is quite active in the community.


  1. Signature Real Estate Group's Kenneth Brown

Rather of beginning with his real estate credentials, Kenneth Brown's bio begins with his background and what inspired him to enter the industry. Brown's commitment to his clients and enthusiasm for real estate are demonstrated in the bio's final line, which is a first-person quote from him. It also demonstrates how he adds value to his customers by highlighting three of Brown's best character attributes for meeting their demands. He also expresses his enthusiasm for real estate, demonstrating to potential clients that he values customer service.


  1. Greg Noonan, Greg Noonan & Associates

Greg Noonan's sales letter begins with a powerful sales statistic that is bolded to bring the reader's attention to it. The page's layout is unusual, with various photographs and his contact information and social media links prominently displayed at the top. The bio focuses on his reputation, social proof, how he gives value to meet his clients' demands, and connection to his local market rather than his past or schooling. The mention of referrals and recurring business demonstrates that Noonan is dependable to any potential consumer.


  1. Campion & Company, Tracy Campion

Campion's Realtor bio begins with a list of her sales accomplishments and awards throughout the course of her nearly two-decade career. This strong social proof will immediately hook the lead and simply persuade them to work with her. Her bio then explains how she adds value to her clients in unique ways, citing "ethics, experience, and knowledge" as examples. Campion's connection to and expertise of the Boston market, as well as her previous work experience in the field before to beginning her own business, are highlighted in the last section.


  1. Compass Realty's Ellen Grubert

Ellen Grubert's bio as a real estate agent is succinct and to-the-point. It starts with her education and history then goes on to explain how those experiences equipped her with the abilities she needed to succeed in real estate. Before detailing the various ways she adds value, she notes her three decades of experience in the sector as well as her particular certifications. Finally, she discusses her ties to the market, as well as what she does in her leisure time and how she contributes to the community.


  1. Sam Real Group's Landon Clements

Landon Clements' Realtor bio begins with a description of the broad market she serves as well as her enthusiasm for real estate. She then goes into detail about how she adds value, includes some social proof, and briefly summarizes her education and experience. The biography comes to a close with a personal note about her family. This bio is brief, but it conveys Clements' qualifications and experience in the sector.


  1. RE/Peter MAX's Kui

Kui's real estate agent bio emphasizes his reputation and local market understanding. It also mentions his dedication to offering high-quality service and value to his customers. It concludes by explaining his past background and education, as well as the hobbies he enjoys doing in his spare time with his family. The background of Kui's headshot is unusual because it is outdoors and has warm tones and colors. A lighter, plain color background might portray warmth and openness more effectively than a darker, plain color background. This type of attention to aesthetic nuances might say just as much as what you write in your bio.


  1. Aaron Kirkman, The Aaron Kirkman Group

The professional bio of Aaron Kirkman focuses on several types of social proof. Although it is a longer bio, each sentence serves to establish his reputation, showcase his experience, and demonstrate his accomplishment. It starts with strong social proof and an eye-catching sales figure. His reputation is enhanced by the Wall Street Journal's mention of him, as well as his A-list and high-end customers. Kirkman is the media's go-to source for real estate information, according to the bio. This conveys to his potential clients that he is an industry expert.


  1. Rise Realty's Keith Darby

Darby's bio begins with a list of his affiliations, credentials, and honors. It then goes on to explain how his 16 years in the profession have helped him become a successful agent. Darby's area of expertise, experience, history, and education are then highlighted in the bio before it moves on to social proof. It also emphasizes his extensive volunteer work for a variety of organizations. This demonstrates to prospects that he enjoys interacting with people and giving back to his community. It concludes with a delightful personal detail that demonstrates to his prospects that he is more than simply a real estate agent.


  1. Rene Rodriguez of Cabot & Company

Rodriguez's contact information is clearly displayed at the top of his bio. It starts with social proof, which establishes his reputation and ties to his market and local clientele. It also identifies the areas in which he works. The bio then goes on to offer a few more particular sales figures in order to impress a potential client. It wraps off by emphasizing the particular value he offers his clients. He adds value by working hard, offering helpful suggestions, and keeping up with the latest technology.


  1. Compass, NYC, The Bomze Team

This team's bio emphasizes the accomplishments of both of its members. The left-hand column, for example, offers links to all of the publicity that the Bomze team has received, allowing leads to see the social proof for themselves. The team's worth to its clients is stated at the start of the bio. It then delves into both agents' ties to the location as well as their expertise of the city. The bio then goes into detail about each team member, including their background and how they contribute to the team.


  1. Grand Group Realty LLC's Jennifer Grand Jean

Grandjean's bio conveys all of the information that her prospects require. It begins with her excellent character attributes, as well as how she adds value to her clients, which lead to her success in real estate. It then establishes her as a native of the area before delving into her past and schooling, as well as how she applies her prior experiences to real estate success. The bio ends with a personal touch, noting what she enjoys doing for leisure and how she enjoys becoming engaged in her community.


  1. Anthony West, John Moffitt, And Associates (Anthony West, John Moffitt, And Associates)

The straight real estate statements in Anthony West's bio stand out as testaments to his character and how he adds value to his clients. These quotes demonstrate West's appreciation for hard effort and his desire to please his clientele. The move from third to first person establishes a distinct tone and attracts the lead's attention to the more powerful first-person statements. Furthermore, saying that he has lived in his market for 20 years lends credibility and repute to his career. This is also accomplished through the official Realtor designation. West's real estate resume concludes with information about his past schooling and work experience.


  1. Coldwell Banker Realty's Shannon McNulty

Shannon McNulty's bio as a real estate agent is short and sweet. It also manages to demonstrate and qualify her experiences at the same time. It also reveals more about her personality. Her military training and previous teaching experience are immediately linked to the character attributes that make her a great Realtor. She also mentions her own experience of having to relocate regularly. This allows her to connect with her leads and their desires for a new house.


  1. Stagers Realty Partners, Missy Stagers

Stager's career and history prior to real estate are detailed in this professional bio. It then moves on to the rankings and awards she and her brokerage have received in their local market. It then goes on to explain how Stagers enjoys giving back to her community before ending on a personal note that helps a potential customer connect with her. People can learn more about her as a person by mentioning her family, pets, and what she enjoys doing in her own time.


Final Thoughts on the Bio of a Real Estate Agent

Make your own real estate agent bio using these 17 examples. At the end of the day, there's no one-size-fits-all solution for the ideal bio. A compelling real estate agent biography, on the other hand, will be determined by your target market. It's up to you to figure out the best approach to interact with them. Make it personal if you want to. Demonstrate to your client that you are more than just a real estate broker.

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