6 Ways To Travel Without Your Company Burning Down

6 Ways To Travel Without Your Company Burning Down

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You and your family want to travel, but you're worried about how your company will fare if you take a week or two off. And nobody wants to spend their holiday glued to their phone. What then is the answer? I have four suggestions to make sure your company is operating well and YOU get some much-needed rest. Let's get started so you can start making travel arrangements right away!


1.  Promote A Few Agents To Leadership

As you make your way to the beach, you can now laugh at your former self if you ever second-guessed your decision to form a team.
Even if everyone on your team is absolutely reliable, you definitely have that one or two people you turn to when you need something done. Now you have the opportunity to demonstrate a little bit more trust by handing over control and allowing them to run things while you are away.
One of your staff members can take on this temporary leadership role, which will inspire them to put forth more effort, maintain order, and perform to the best of their abilities. If they do well during this "test run," they might get the chance to permanently assume a bigger position as your company grows.
Divide the duties between two people if you can't decide on just one or don't necessarily trust one person to run the office. You can accomplish this fairly by separating the team into groups or giving each member responsible for a particular area of the company. In your absence, instruct your team to refer any inquiries to these individuals.


2. Establish A Sales Contest

There's never a bad moment for a sales competition, as everyone who knows me can attest. Even if the award is not extremely expensive, look for something that is actually valuable. The prize may be as modest as paying for the winner's meals for a week or as extravagant as paid vacation.
Offering your staff something for self-improvements, such as paying for the winner's preferred training or certification, is a terrific idea. Sending them to Success Summit can be a possibility.
However, if you don't want to worry too much about it, money is the best motivator. For the majority of appointments made, listings taken, or transactions completed while you're away from the office, offer a sizable incentive. and possibly extend it once you return for a few weeks.
Once again, creating teams within the workplace is a great approach to maintaining employee engagement and motivation. Give newer or less experienced agents that added accountability to their team because they may be less motivated by contests because they won't measure up to their colleagues. This will motivate them to help one another and, in a sense, teach one another.


3. Create A System Of Accountability

It's only natural that the rest of the staff might feel tempted to take it easy when the boss is away. Although you realize this as a capable leader, how can you do it without giving your agents and employees the impression that you are micromanaging them?
Add accountability as a solution. Create accountability groups or partners within your team so that they can report to one another while you're away.
Maybe there is a brief stand-up meeting of five minutes every morning and/or evening. Everyone has the opportunity to share their daily objectives as well as the objectives they met the day before.
If you regularly invite coaches to lead training sessions (which you should), don't stop doing so while you're away. Check to see if your trainers are still visiting to assess the situation and report to your office managers.


4. Establish A Time To Check In

I'm not saying all the time. If you want to ever find the relaxation you so sorely need, you must establish boundaries. Keep in mind that this vacation is a part of your work as it is essential to your outlook, your way of life, and how you will behave during the coming few months.
But maybe, just maybe, you might designate a little window of time every three days when it is acceptable to phone rather than text because doing so takes too long and you want this to get over with quickly. This window should be between 4 and 4:30 PM. This period of time is brief enough to prevent you from being pulled into work while also allowing you to decompress and prove to your agents that you haven't abandoned them.
Inform your office managers that if a call is made outside of this window, there would only be a legitimate fire to report.


5. Involve A Friend Or Agent You Can Trust

Even if there is a war going on and supplies are scarce, we all need friends. Do you know why some of the most successful people in the industry are my coaching clients? because a whole ecology is behind us!
We are aware that we belong to the same community and that nobody succeeds in life alone. Ask a trustworthy and likable teammate whether they would be prepared to provide your agents with any assistance they might require while you are away. Then you'll be pleased to repay the favor when they depart on vacation.


6. Believe Them

These folks are talented, which is why you recruited them. They remain in your employees because you still have faith in them. Don't just tell yourself that you trust them; demonstrate it. Declare your confidence in them and demonstrate that you are at ease entrusting them with driving.
It's time to look forward to your vacation rather than worrying about making everything perfect. You should feel joyful and proud right now. Your agents might even have their own teams in the future.
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