6 Ways Realtors Can Go on Vacation Without Destroying Your Business

6 Ways Realtors Can Go on Vacation Without Destroying Your Business

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Summer is approaching! You and your family want to get away, but you're worried about how your business will do if you take a week or two off. And no one wants to be linked to their phone for the whole of their vacation. So, what's the answer? I've got four suggestions to keep your business functioning smoothly while you get some much-needed rest. Let's get started so you may begin planning your holiday right away!


1: Promote some agents to supervisory positions

If you ever had any doubts about your decision to form a team, now is the moment to laugh at yourself as you walk to the beach.

Even if your entire team is rock solid, you most likely have one or two people you trust more than the rest — your go-to person or people. You now have the opportunity to demonstrate even more trust by handing over the reins and allowing them to run the show while you are away.

Allowing one of your employees to take on this temporary leadership role motivates them to work harder, run a tight ship, and show their full potential. If they perform well on this "trial run," they may be given the option to take on a permanent larger role as your company grows.

If you can't decide on just one person to run the workplace or don't trust a single individual to do so, divide the responsibilities between two people. You may achieve this fairly by separating the staff into groups or delegating distinct areas of the business to each of them.

In your absence, have your team address all questions to these individuals.


2: Organize a sales contest

If you know me, you know that a sales competition is never a bad idea. Find a prise that is actually valuable, even if it isn't particularly costly. It could be as modest as paying for the winner's lunch for a week or as extravagant as paid vacation time.

Offering your staff anything in the way of self-improvement, such as paying for the winner's prefered training or certification, is a terrific idea. Maybe even send them to the Success Summit???

If you don't want to think too hard about it, however, nothing stimulates you more than cash. Offer a large bonus for the number of appointments made, listings taken, or transactions completed while you're away from the office... and possibly extend it for a few weeks after you've returned.

Returning to the idea of dividing the office into teams, this is still another approach to keep workers involved and motivated. Competitions may be less motivating for newer or less experienced agents since they fear they won't measure up to their peers, thus make them more accountable to their team. This will inspire them to help and, in some ways, train one anothe



3: Establish a system of accountability

It's only human nature... When the boss is out of the office, the rest of the staff may be inclined to take it easy. You, as a strong leader, recognise this, but how do you overcome it without making your agents and employees feel micromanaged?

The solution is to increase accountability. Create accountability partners or groups within your team to report to while you're gone.

Perhaps a 5-minute stand-up meeting at the start and/or conclusion of each day will suffice. Everyone can announce their daily goals as well as the ones they completed the day before.

If you have a habit of having coaches come in to lead trainings (which you should), don't cease doing so while you're gone. Check that your trainers are still stopping by to see how things are doing and reporting back to your office managers.


4: Schedule a Check-In Time

This isn't something I say every day. If you're ever going to get the rest you need, you'll need to set some boundaries. Remember that this vacation is an important aspect of your job because it affects your thinking, your life, and how you'll be in the coming months.

But maybe, just maybe, every three days, you should offer your office managers a brief window of opportunity to phone – not text; that takes too long, and you want this over with quickly – between 4 and 4:30 p.m. This time will allow you to relax and show your agents that you haven't abandoned them, but it will also save you from being drawn into work.

Inform your office managers that the only reason to call outside of this window is if there is a fire.


5. Involve an agent friend you trust.

Yes, inventory is low and there is a war going on, but we all need friends. Do you know why my coaching clients are some of the most successful in the industry? Because we're supported by a complete ecosystem!

We acknowledge that we are all members of the same community, and that no one can succeed on their own. Ask another team leader you like and trust whether they'd be willing to help your agents if they need it while you're away. You'll be pleased to repay the favour when they depart on vacation


6. Have Faith in Them

These people were hired because they are talented. You keep employing them because you believe in their abilities. So don't simply tell yourself that you trust them – demonstrate it! Tell them you believe in them and that you're not afraid to put them in the driver's seat.

It's time to look forwards to your vacation instead of worrying about how to prepare for it. This is a joyful and proud occasion for you. Your agents might even have their own teams one day.

Your children are maturing...

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