6 Steps To Increasing Discipline And Obtaining Everything You Desire In Life

6 Steps To Increasing Discipline And Obtaining Everything You Desire In Life

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What is the single most important factor underlying your success in whatever you attempt?
Some may guess ability. Some may guess people's abilities. Others may guess charisma. However, none of these are the correct answers.
It's your power. But not any kind of energy. Scientists refer to it as "activation energy." This is the bare minimum of energy needed to activate change at the cellular level and result in total transformation.
So that's the phrase I'll use today because we're discussing transformation. When discipline meets motivation, activation energy is created. And, best of all, I can teach you how to grow it.
There are six steps you can take to start feeling this energy in your life. Do you want to know what they are? Let's get started...


Step 1: Desire More

I suppose I could have said that you need to know what you want, but so many people have such small dreams that they never motivate themselves. Your objectives should be big enough to excite you!
You must also be completely honest about why you desire something. Do you want to lose weight in order to be healthier, or do you simply want to look good shirtless at the beach? Do you want to increase your savings by closing more deals, or do you want to buy a Tesla?
Obviously, I'm not suggesting that you set unrealistic goals or waste your money, but you should find something that makes you happy when you think about it.


Step 2: Alter Your Identity To Improve Your Situation

So many people believe they must DO something in order to HAVE something, and then they will BE that type of person.
I'd like you to flip it. Begin with your personal identity. Be the person you want to be so that DOING the work becomes second nature. If you want to quit smoking and someone offers you a cigarette, you have two options:

  • No, thank you. I'm attempting to quit.
  • No, thank you. I'm not a smoker.

The first indicates that you are giving up something you normally do. The latter implies that you are already the person who does not desire cigarettes. Select the latter.

Being > Doing > Having


Step 3: Learn To Live With Discomfort

This is accomplished by focusing on what you want rather than how you feel because no one ever feels like doing the difficult things that must be done.
Life can be uncomfortable, so when you run from it, you are not in control of your life. Take control of your life by intentionally seeking discomfort.
Don't hit the snooze button when you wake up in the morning. Get up, no matter how tired you are, and start your day. You know how much power you feel when you do that? That is the amount of force required to change your life.
Take a cold shower, avoid using the elevator, eat only raw vegetables for lunch, or do SOMETHING to strengthen your resolve. Because once you have control over your own body and mind, you will have control over every other aspect of your life.


Step 4: Break Difficult Habits Down Into Smaller Components

Habits are among the most difficult things to break because they require us to do them WITHOUT FAILURE.

Have you ever promised yourself that you would:

  • Send five CMAs per day.
  • Every day, spend an hour at the gym.
  • Before a listing appointment, spend 20 minutes meditating.
  • Devote every evening to spending time with your family.

Unfortunately, things happen. We lose track of time. We become too tired to continue. You say you're only going to skip today, and before you know it, a month has passed.

Breaking these habits down into smaller, more manageable chunks will encourage you to start, and once you're started, it's much easier to keep going. Consider the following:

  • Perform one CMA per day.
  • Go to the gym for five minutes (you'll probably stay longer).
  • Before an appointment, spend two minutes meditating.
  • Turn off your phone during dinner.

Once you've completed one of these minor tasks, you've completed the day's habit. Everything else is optional.


Step 5: Master The Art Of Saying "No"

According to Steve Jobs, the most important aspect of focusing your attention is saying "no" to people. When you allow your attention to be drawn in a variety of directions, you are at the mercy of whatever situation arises.
People would come into my mentor's office and ask if he could talk to them for five minutes about something. He'd raise his head, smile, and say, "Of course, I can talk for five minutes... Return at 3:30." That was the time he had set aside for such discussions.


Step 6: The 5 Second Rule 

Could counting down from five be a habit that changes your life? Mel Robbins, a former BluePrint speaker, agrees. She even wrote a fantastic book about it!
By counting down, you remove yourself from the situation and commit automatically, much like jumping into a pool.
The next time a good idea comes to you, silently count down from five, and when you hear the word "one" in your head, just go do it. If you wait - if five seconds have passed since you had the idea and you haven't taken action - the idea dies.


A Challenge From Me To You

I understand that some of this may sound... unsettling. That is the whole point. But if you have a worthwhile ambition and the discipline to pursue it, you'd be doing everyone in your life a disservice if you didn't.
So, I dare you to use the tools I just handed you and get started right away. Everything else accelerates once you activate your activation energy.
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