6 Goal-Setting Tips To Help You Identify – And Achieve – Your Dreams

6 Goal-Setting Tips To Help You Identify – And Achieve – Your Dreams

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People, the streets are paved with gold.
I really feel you have a fantastic opportunity to make the ensuing 14 months the BEST 14 of your whole professional life.
However, it will not happen by chance.
You must desire it and make plans for it.
Part 1 will provide you with six suggestions to help you get crystal clear on your goals, and Part 2 will give you instructions on how to achieve them the following week.

Start now!


What Makes Specific Goals Important?

Let me first explain why setting incredibly detailed goals is so crucial before we move on to the actual advice.
I firmly think that life "punishes the broad wish and rewards the explicit ask," to paraphrase Tim Ferriss.
There is no genuine motivation or course of action to follow if all you say is, "I want to sell more properties and make more money in 2021."
However, if you can state something like, "In 2021, I'm going to sell 18 homes and assist 10 buyers, with 40% of my business coming from my sphere, 25% from my geographic farm, and 15% from Expireds," you'll suddenly have clarity about how you're going to do it and what steps you need to take to make it happen.
Do you see the distinction?
With these two shows, I hope to clarify for you what you must do each day in order to realize your goals for the upcoming 14 months.


Tip No. 1 For Setting Goals: Transactions Based On Lead Source

In the next 14 months, where will your business come from?

I want you to be quite clear about the overall volume of transactions you anticipate from different lead sources, like:

  • Clients from the past
  • Sphere
  • Agents referring other agents
  • Farming in the Geospatial Era
  • Expireds
  • Zillow
  • Other… Fill in the field if you utilize something that isn't listed here.

By breaking it all down, you'll be able to determine where you should focus your attention, how much time you should devote to each task, how much marketing you'll need, and finally what kind of return on investment you can anticipate.


Tip No. 2 For Setting Goals: Total Sales Volume

By December 31, 2021, what is your volume target?
Who are the buyers? Who are the sellers?
Make a note of it!


Tip No. 3 For Setting Goals: Total Commissions Received

How much do you think you'll make after your split?
Discover the answer so you may act on it.


Tip No. 4 For Setting Goals: Reverse-Engineering To Identify The Required Appointments

Now that you know how much money you want to make, you need to figure out how many appointments you'll need to get there.
For the majority of agents, one close occurs per four buyer consultations. To figure out how many buyer consultation appointments you'll need to meet your target, multiply the number of buyers you mentioned in question 2 by four.
Agents typically convert one out of every two listing presentations, according to the listing side. So, make your listing goal the same. To determine how many homeowners you must approach to meet your objective, multiply the number of listings you want by two.

Break the goal down further into monthly and weekly goals, and get everything "up and visual" so you always know where you stand.


Tip No. 5 For Setting Goals: Budgeting For Expenses

Have you seen my most popular YouTube video, which has received more than 10 million views?
Even if you have, I still urge you to watch it since it details the strategy that smart agents employ to handle their finances.
Too many agents truly don't have any kind of plan, therefore it seems sensible that they don't manage their money well.
Thus, they are not investing as much in their company as they ought to, are completely unprepared when it comes to filing their taxes, and essentially just waste all of their money without giving it much thought.
Stop wasting money on foolish purchases and start managing your money wisely!


Tip No. 6 For Setting Goals: Aim for After-Tax Profit

This one is fairly easy.
When all is said and done, how much do you anticipate making?
Figure it out and keep it in front of you for the next 14 months to motivate you!

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