3 Simple & Effective Ways To Attract Business Even If You’re Starting From The Beginning

3 Simple & Effective Ways To Attract Business Even If You’re Starting From The Beginning

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A new agent has been appointed. A new market has opened up. The new year has here. New strategies are being used. There are new beginnings.
Whatever category you fall into, the three methods I'm going to share with you in today's blog should be a part of your lead-generating strategy.
Let's get started...


Tactic No. 1: Make a 'Service' Call To Everyone You Know 

When I encourage people to phone their friends and family, they typically become uptight and say things like, "I dunno." I don't want to sound like a salesperson."
The good news is that you don't have to.
There's so much going on in the real estate sector right now that you owe it to your friends and family to keep up with it!
As a result, don't consider these calls to be "sales" calls. They're "service" calls designed to keep an eye on the individuals you care about... Similarly, a professional accountant or financial advisor would phone their clients ahead of time to inform them of new opportunities or tax law changes.
Here are a few ideas for topics to discuss:
"How has working from home and covid influenced the way you think about your house?"
or "Have you seen the 2022 home price projections?" Do you want to discover how much your house is worth right now?"
"Hey, just checking in to see if you've heard the Fed's news?" or "Hey, just phoning to say hello, check-in, and see if you've heard the Fed's news?" Interest rates are expected to rise in the near future. What is your current exchange rate? Let's see if we can find anything better for you before they go up."
Don't those sound like simple topics to discuss? Yes, they are! They'll also get folks chatting about whether they've considered selling.
So get on the phone and call everyone you know!


Tactic No. 2: Circle Dialing Around Recent Sales

The procedure of contacting everyone in a specific geographic area about a recently sold property is known as circle dialing. (It isn't necessary for it to be your listing.)
And, given the current housing market, making such decisions is a no-brainer.
Put yourself in the shoes of a homeowner for a moment. Let's say you paid $330,000 for your home four years ago, and it's now worth around $500,000. Isn't it something you'd like to know? Isn't that information going to open up some huge doors in your life?
The most effective circular dialing script is also really straightforward:
"Hey [Name], have you heard about your next-door neighbor's house? It was recently sold for $X. Do you want to know how much your house is worth in today's market?"
Circle calling is an old-school strategy that has resurfaced in today's competitive industry. Don't skip this straightforward method!
Pro Tip: Your title rep may be able to provide you with phone numbers and contact information for homes in a specific geographic area, or you can use software like Vulcan 7 or REDX to do it for you.


Tactic No. 3: Advertise Other Agents' Listings To Attract Buyers

When you're just starting off, you have to be creative.
Ask a listing agent, for example, if you can run advertising based on their listing.
Why? Because then you can use messages like this to target buyers:
Are you tired of squandering your money on rent? Take a look at what $X/month can get you!
For a small expenditure, an ad like this can quickly bring you a regular stream of buyers. When they call, simply qualify them and schedule a time to speak with them. The more experience you can obtain early in your career, even if it doesn't lead to a transaction, the shorter your learning curve will be.

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