3 Cutting-Edge Tech Tools You Should Start Using Right Now

3 Cutting-Edge Tech Tools You Should Start Using Right Now

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"Being pelted with bricks has never felt so fantastic.

I appreciated this comment from participant and coaching member Cory Coombes around midway through yesterday's BluePrint session.

Even if I do say so myself, we jam-packed that event with loads of useful information that agents require right now.

If you weren't able to attend, this blog will expose three incredible, cutting-edge tech tools that I discussed with the guests – and that you should definitely be using!

If you know me, you know I'll tell you if I'm a shareholder in a company, which I'm not in this case. I'm really blown away by what these technologies can achieve for your real estate firm.


Let's get started.


TubeBuddy Is The First Revolutionary Tech Tool

Identifying and acting on a market opportunity – or void – is often the key to success.

TubeBuddy is a video marketing tool that does exactly that.

Hopefully, you've realized that we now live in a "video first" marketing world.

Every day, more and more agencies are using video.

As a result, it will become increasingly difficult to stand out.

As a result, you'll need every advantage you can get when it comes to creating and sharing films.

TubeBuddy can help you with that.

TubeBuddy allows you to type a YouTube search keyword and see how many results it receives, as well as related searches. Not only that, but it will also tell you whether the demand for that search term on YouTube is being met.

So, in essence, it allows you to identify topics that people are looking for but for which there aren't enough videos...

What's more, guess what? Those videos should be made by YOU. Now!

TubeBuddy also gives you information on keywords, titles, and tags, which might help you figure out how to show up in the searches you want.


Conversion.ai Is The Second Revolutionary Tech Tool

I have a well-known copywriter friend who called me one day to tell me about this upcoming project.

Why? Because he fears that it will compel him to pursue a new field of work at some point.

It's called Conversion.ai, and it's a writing tool powered by artificial intelligence.

This is your remedy if you've ever sat down to write and experienced "writer's block."

It can handle any task, whether it's writing a property description, a Facebook ad, an email to a client, or something else entirely.

There are roughly 40 different designs to choose from, including one I'm sure you'll appreciate called "Real Estate Listing - Residential."

No, I'm not making this up.

Simply enter the basic facts you want to convey and your preferred "tone" of writing, and it will instantly generate a number of possibilities for you to choose from. Even if it doesn't get it completely perfect, it'll save you a lot of time and you'll be ready to go with just a few minor tweaks.


Vocal Video Is The Third Revolutionary Tech Tool

In today's market, I don't think I need to explain to you how powerful video testimonials are.

Okay, I'll say it anyway: They're critical.

However, receiving them from others can be difficult at times. When do you inquire? What if your customers aren't on board with it? What if – gulp – they're not very good at it?

By allowing your clients to film their testimonials, Vocal Video promises to make all of that simple...

  • Using their own equipment
  • When it's convenient for them
  • To approve what's been presented

Simply type the questions or prompts you to want them to respond to, and their video will be collected and ready to be edited within the Vocal Video platform!

Every time someone submits a new video, you'll be notified.

After that, you may add your logo, text, music, and other elements.

Each of these technological solutions can help you streamline your business, save time, and improve your marketing effectiveness. They're all fantastic.


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