5 Kitchen Trends to Look for in 2018

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A kitchen renovation is always a difficult task. Homeowners want their kitchen to be trendy and nice to spend time in. But they also know that trends change and the kitchen should remain in use for years to come. It takes skill to find the balance between the two. There are other considerations to make in a modern kitchen. It should be eco-friendly and designed in a way that doesn’t waste energy or money.


Colors are the most important for setting the mood of the room. This is especially matters in kitchens because they are rooms. Where you spend a lot of time and where you need focusing. The color of the kitchen also needs to blend smoothly with the dining room, especially if you have an open floor home.

The best way to go about this is to have an understated. And even bland kitchen for the most part and add a few touches that make a difference and stand out. These could be brightly painted appliances or counter-tops. Yellow and red will pop nicely if the rest of the kitchen is in earthy tones.

The materials

There used to be a time when granite was all that everyone talked about. There’s a reason for this. It’s a versatile material that can work well with a lot of different setups and it’s easy to clean. However, as it often happens, it got boring and predictable and it’s time for a change. Tempered glass is a good replacement for granite. Because it has many of the same qualities in terms of durability and versatility. But creates a completely different and more modern look.


Some might say that appliances are the heart of a modern kitchen. They should be chosen carefully and with energy consumption in mind. The appliances that waste the most electricity are usually the dishwasher and the freezer. The dishwashers made by Electrolux save time and electricity. It’s also important to use these appliances in a way that lowers consumption and saves money. This means that you should have regular checkups at least once a year and change all the filters and parts that might wear out.


Lights play two major roles in kitchen design. First and foremost, they create an atmosphere within the room and allow you to complete kitchen-related tasks easily. However, they should also be used to create focal points and help you put extra emphasis on a particular part of the design. Pendant lights are a great way to create a clear focal point. That way your kitchen design gets a central point around which you can decorate and create an atmosphere. Lights is chosing base on the rest of the hardware you own. The lights look especially noticeable when they are place near black or matte kitchen hardware.

What not to do

A lot of times, it’s enough to avoid common mistakes and that can be enough to make your kitchen stand out. There are a few trends that have been around for years and that have become boring and predictable. Avoiding these is enough to make your kitchen seem exciting again. For instance, almost all modern kitchens are design with a minimalist streak. It’s a clean look and it can be appealing, but now it’s time to go the other way around and not worry about adding small personal touches to your kitchen and dining room.

Kitchens are changing due to the developments in tech but also in style of modern homeowners. Make sure that the kitchen you design isn’t just trendy, but also usable and comfortable.