2021’s Top 21 Most-Read Blogs

2021’s Top 21 Most-Read Blogs

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I'm optimistic about 2022 and eager to get started.

But, before we proceed, let us take one more glance back at the year 2021.

I want to make sure you don't miss these most-read blogs from 2021, whether you've read every word or merely skimmed the surface.

Let's start counting down...


2021's 21st Most-Read Blog

7 Questions to Ask to Define Your Personal Brand

If you haven't asked and answered these seven questions, your branding efforts are likely to be ineffective.


2021's 20th Most-Read Blog

4 Ways to Overcome 'Fear of Failure' and Finally Live Up to Your Potential

When a real estate agent claims to have a fear of failure, it's usually a smokescreen for something else. In this article, I discuss four actual difficulties that are frequently mislabeled as "fear of failure" or even "fear of success."


2021's 19th Most-Read Blog

Are you making it easy for people to leave you reviews?

In today's market, reviews are critical. Learn from top agents who are reducing the friction and making it very easy for their clients to leave positive evaluations.


2021's 18th Most-Read Blog

Someone Else Will — Also known as How to Stop Giving Away Your Dreams

There are four strategies to address a lack of activity... and make certain that you are the one who achieves your objectives rather than your competitors.


2021's 17th Most-Read Blog

TEAM SPOTLIGHT: 5 Tips for Increasing Team Strength (And Keeping Your Sanity) in a Crazy Market

5 ideas to keep your team on track in difficult situations


2021's 16th Most-Read Blog

Agent Productivity is Dying Because of Selfish Behavior

The reasons why agents don't make their calls are nonsense, in my opinion. Do I have your attention?


2021's 15th Most-Read Blog

Why Should You Take My 90-Day "Hour of Power" Challenge?

Do you want to start the year off right? Accepting the 90-day challenge I issued to coaching member Karen Peters at this time would be ideal. Read all about it, including the outcomes.


2021's 14th Most-Read Blog

Three revolutionary tech tools you should start using right now

Do you have a tech-enabled company? Then you should be familiar with these three tools that will make your life easier.


2021's 13th Most-Read Blog

10 Tips for Picking Up the Phone and Making Your Damn Calls!

If you're not prospecting on a regular basis, you're probably not reaching your full potential. These ten pointers will assist you in making more calls and creating more possibilities.


2021's 12th Most-Read Blog

12 Characteristics that Distinguish Real Estate "Professionals" from "Hobbyists"

How many of these "positive" characteristics do you possess? The response will tell whether you are a true pro or a casual player.


2021's 11th Most-Read Blog

100 Day Warning: 6 Steps to Finish Strong in 2021 and Start Strong in 2022

Although I first published this in September, the six steps remain important today.


2021's 10th Most-Read Blog

7 Ways Smart Agents are Getting Ready for the Best Year Ever in 2022

As we approach 2022, it's more crucial than ever to focus on these seven success factors. Do you know how to dial in all seven?


2021's 9th Most-Read Blog

Every real estate agent should consider the top ten listing lead sources.

Are you looking for fresh strategies to acquire listings? Check out this top ten list of where our Rockstar agents receive theirs in our coaching programs.


2021's 8th Most-Read Blog

In today's ultra-competitive market, there are three steps to setting realistic buyer expectations.

Being a buyer in 2021 has been difficult... Smart agents, on the other hand, take three particular steps to stay in the appropriate attitude and advance them through the process.


2021's 7th Most-Read Blog

Five Simple Words to Help You Break Free and Boost Your Success

Keep this question in mind whenever you're feeling stuck or uninspired.


2021's 6th Most-Read Blog

15 Eye-Catching Video Ideas to Help You Develop Your Brand and Increase Your Sales

"I want to film more video," you may have remarked. "I just don't know what to say," says the narrator. The issue has been resolved.


2021's 5th Most-Read Blog

You Should Give Every Homeowner These 7 Options to Get More Listings Today

Giving homeowners options increases the number of listings available. Here are seven strategies used by today's best agents to increase the number of signed listing agreements.


2021's 4th Most-Read Blog

Three Ways to Get Listing Appointments Right Now!

There aren't many listings. Are you taking these three steps to increase your appointment bookings and opportunities?


2021's 3rd Most-Read Blog

19 Tips for Getting Started in Real Estate for New Agents

We put together a massive list of 19 suggestions to assist rookie real estate salespeople flourish. How many have you already completed?


2021's 2nd Most-Read Blog

The REAL Takeaway from Zillow's Purchasing ShowingTime

Remember when Zillow bought ShowingTime in February and the real estate market went crazy? When the next major "news" issue comes around, remember not to waste energy on things you don't have control over. And the advise I gave on my site is still valid.


The Most Popular Blog In 2021

My NEW Best Response to "How's the Market?" in Real Estate Scripts

Scripts must change with the times. So, after years of adhering to the tried and true, I came up with a new suggestion for the question you hear every day: How's the market.

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