100 Day Warning: 6 Steps To Start 2022 Off Right

100 Day Warning: 6 Steps To Start 2022 Off Right

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It keeps ticking over.
Now is the moment to take action, whether you want to finish the year strong or want to position yourself for success in 2022.
I've got six measures for you to take that will enable both, so please do so.
I'm delighted to share what I like to refer to as The Ultimate Success Formula with you right now.
Move along!


Step 1: Be Clear About Your Goals

Life "punishes the broad hope and rewards the explicit ask," as Tim Ferriss once said.
He is correct, you know.
So you can't just say, "I want to finish strong," if you want to finish 2022 strong. Instead, you must specify exactly what that means to you in as much detail as possible.
It's important to be very clear about what you want to do in the upcoming 100 days, whatever that may be.
It could be a specific quantity of completed transactions. It might be a monetary amount of revenue. There could be a certain number of listing appointments.
But this is what I do know: Get very specific now and post it for everyone to see. I should be able to tell the moment I come into your office that you are working toward an up-and-visual goal.
So, what do you hope to achieve over the next 100 days?


Step 2: Reset Your Motivation

You might have had an entirely different mindset when you set your 2021 goals than you have now.
This implies it's time to refocus on your "why," or the purpose for which you do what you do.
What is driving you right now?
What are you no longer willing to stand for? For some people, this question could motivate them to take action.
Consider it carefully and identify the reason(s) for your daily laborious efforts. For the following 100 days, you must rule with that inspiration. (However, don't deceive yourself. Actually, it's not 100 days, but I'll get to that in a moment.)


Step 3: Make A Basic Plan

You don't need a complicated strategy to follow during a 100-day sprint.
Instead, you should come up with a straightforward plan that determines how you'll attain whatever goal you stated in Step 1 above.
Basically, how do you intend to accomplish your goal?
How many calls must you make every day to meet your target of 25 more listing appointments?
And with that, don't wait to call homeowners straight away. Housing prices have significantly grown over the past 18 months, and many homeowners are curious to know how much their home is worth in the current economic climate. Asking: "With rates this low, what are your plans for this home over the next three, four, or five years?" will start the conversation, connect individuals, and inform them.


Step 4: Monitor And Evaluate Your Progress

Make your goals clear to the world if you are sincere about achieving them. Make it visible so that everyone can see exactly where you're going and how far you've come.
To keep yourself focused on the chores necessary to achieve your year-end objective, get some form of the scoreboard.
Every task you complete or an achievement you add to your scoreboard will give you a boost in momentum and an emotional high.
Do not disregard this action!


Step 5: Take More Responsibility

How much is truly at stake if you establish a goal and keep it to yourself?
However, if you establish a target and promise your children a trip to Disney World if you reach it, suddenly you've added a lot more accountability to the situation. You may count on your kids to enquire about your efforts to accomplish that aim on a daily basis.
Make use of the increased accountability as motivation.
Find someone to confide in and hold you responsible for your goals, whether it's your coach, your broker or manager, a fellow agent, a trustworthy friend, your family, or your significant other.


Step 6: Set It Up Right Away!

Get everything for the upcoming 100 days on your calendar right away.
Starting at the beginning of the year, add up all the time you intend to take off for weekends and holidays. Then set aside time for all of your regular activities, including team meetings, hours of power or phone prospecting, and time spent working "on" your business.
You'll suddenly realize that there aren't even 100 working days left in the year, which will make it even more urgent for you to take action and begin producing results.
Keep in mind that if something isn't on your calendar, it doesn't exist and won't get done.

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