10 Reasons Why You Should Use Tiles

10 Reasons Why You Should Use Tiles

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One of the first things you need to do before starting a new home renovation project is to find contractors and choose materials that will match your style and current layout and design. Although this seems like the easiest part of your new renovation project, we should mention that there are so many different options on the market, which is why many homeowners spend days trying to determine which one is the best.

When choosing what type of flooring is best for your next renovation project, it’s essential to determine which option is the most durable, stylish, and cost-effective. Although good quality flooring is far from cheap, you have to determine your priorities and invest in flooring that will look good and serve you for ages.

So, without further ado, let’s talk about why you should consider tiles and how they will enhance your home.

Porcelain tiles are hygienic

When investing in a new bathroom or kitchen renovation, choosing a flooring option that doesn’t absorb moisture or odors would be best. Although there are plenty of flooring types available, there’s a chance you’ll have to renovate your home five to ten years after you install hardwood or vinyl.

Allowing moisture to reach hardwood flooring can be dangerous because mold and mildew thrive in dark and damp environments, which is one of the main reasons why hardwood flooring shouldn’t be installed in the kitchen. On the other hand, tiles are waterproof, and if you use antibacterial grout to fill in the gaps between the tiles, you will get a hygienic floor surface that keeps the mold and mildew at bay.

They are waterproof

Water-resistant flooring offers more benefits than just keeping the mold and mildew far from your home. As we already know, water can affect the foundation and construction in many ways, and if you already live in an old home, you should find a way to keep it safe from moisture.

Luckily, tiles are waterproof, and they’re the best option if your main goal is to protect your home from excessive and substantial damage. So, installing tiles in rooms where liquids are often spilled can help you avoid costly renovations soon.

Tiles are long-lasting

As we mentioned before, high-quality flooring can be expensive. And, if you’re planning to invest a lot of money in this renovation project, it’s natural to expect the materials you intend to purchase to be durable and long-lasting.

Tiles are worth the investment because they can last for up to 60 years, and if you take good care of them, they will always look like new. In addition, tiles are stain-resistant, which makes them an ideal flooring solution for your kitchen.

Porcelain tile is highly durable

We advise you to consider investing in porcelain tile because it can withstand heavy traffic, which is ideal for big families or people who have small children. This type of material is known as one of the best options on the market, and although it can be pricey, it’s safe to say that tile is worth every penny.

Tiles are dense, durable, and strong, and it takes a lot of effort to create visible signs of wear, scratching, and cracking. However, it’s worth noting that tiles are resistant to physical damage, but in some cases, cracking can result from improper installation. If you’re thinking about installing tiles, make sure to hire an experienced professional for this project.

They’re great both for indoor and outdoor use

Whether you’re planning an outdoor renovation project or need a new bathroom flooring, tile is the best option in both cases. With porcelain tile, you can transform your backyard and give your patio or a porch a new look, but you can also use them to enhance your interior design.

Tiles can be used anywhere you want, and more importantly, even if you’re looking for a durable material for your outdoor space remodel, you won’t be disappointed if you choose tiles. In addition, tiles can also be installed on walls, which automatically opens doors to new design opportunities.

Tiles are good heat conductors

Are you thinking about installing a radiant floor heating system? If so, we should mention that tiles are great heath conductors and that it's a common practice for many homeowners to install a floor heating system under the tiles.

Underfloor heating is ideal for people who suffer from allergies because it prevents the circulation of dust mites in your home. Additionally, your feet will stay warm during colder days. More importantly, the underfloor heating system provides a source of heat for those who suffer from joint pain, helping relieve pain and improve comfort.

Tiles will help you stay cool during hot summer days, especially if you live in a hot climate. In addition, since porcelain tiles are dust-resistant, you will be able to walk barefoot around your home as soon as you install this type of flooring solution.

Tiles will add value to your home

Some homeowners have to renovate their property before selling it because that’s the only way to attract more buyers and get more money from the new owners. To increase the value of your property and impress all potential buyers, it's advisable to invest in minor upgrades around the house. For example, tiles are durable and stylish, and they will certainly add value to your home.

Even if you’re not thinking about selling the house, maybe you’ll change your mind in the future. As we already know, tiles can last for up to 60 years, and if you decide to sell your house sometime in the future, your floors or bathroom walls will still look glossy and spottles.

They’re good for the environment

Porcelain tile is the material of choice if you are looking for a flooring solution that is durable, good for the environment, and easy to maintain. Tiles are created by combining clay, water, and other natural materials such as quartz, making them both durable and environmentally friendly.

We couldn't agree more with the fact that hardwood flooring can also bring a warm and classic feel to your home, but truth be told, hardwood flooring is not sustainable. So, if you’re trying to go green and build an eco-friendly home, tile is probably one of the best flooring solutions on the market. Not only are they durable, but tiles are also innovative and earth-friendly.

Tiles don’t have to be expensive

Yes, some porcelain tiles are so expensive, and this investment can poke a hole in your budget. However, there are so many affordable options available. Many companies offer a wide range of designs that can meet everyone’s needs and suit every budget. Although affordable flooring solutions can sometimes seem too good to be true, it’s possible to find high-quality and contemporary porcelain tiles for a reasonable price.

It’s worth noting that since tiles are durable, you won’t have to invest in any upgrades or repairs for a long time. More importantly, they are often cheaper compared to vinyl or hardwood flooring solutions.

Tiles are versatile

When it comes to versatility, it’s safe to say that you’ll manage to find a tile design that matches your taste and needs. Tiles can be plain, patterned, colorful, and they come in various shapes and sizes. So if you’re looking for a certain texture, don’t worry because there is a textured tile design for nearly every taste.

Some manufacturers even tend to utilize advanced printing techniques to replicate natural materials such as wood and stone. So, make sure to find durable and stylish tiles for your bathroom and kitchen, and don’t be afraid to experiment with designs and textures because that’s the best way to design your home like you've asked an interior designer to do it.


In this article, we’ve shown you how tile installation can enhance your living space. Tiles are durable, modern, functional, and long-lasting, and they can increase the value of your home and protect your foundation from water for many decades. In addition, porcelain tiles are low-maintenance, which makes them ideal for pretty much anyone.

If you’re struggling to decide what type of flooring is best, we suggest you think twice before investing in hardwood flooring or other flooring alternatives. Tiles can offer so much more than other flooring solutions, and you won’t regret it if you decide to invest in this option.

So, what are you waiting for? Find the best-looking tiles for your next home renovation project and decorate your living space with taste.

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